Taiping was granted as the Top 100 Green Destination 2018 and 3rd place of ‘Best of Cities’ 2018 on March 6, 2019 ITB Berlin , Germany. Since, representatives from several countries come to Taiping to witness the beauty of Taiping Town.

Ukraine Ambassador, Olexander Nechytaylo pay a visit to Taping on 3 July, 2019. He was taken to some of Taiping’s interesting sites which are among the main attractions of Taiping’s eco-tourism. He has expressed his admiration for the Council’s efforts in safeguarding the beauty and excitement of Taiping Lake Garden while the area is a vast area and is open for free to the public without any revenue collected to finance the management of the park. Next he expressed excitement with the uniqueness of Taiping & Night Safari Zoo and Bukit Larut which is considered to have its own strength. This view was conveyed to Tuan Haji Borhan bin Abdul Halim, Chairman of Taiping Municipal Council during His Honor Visit at the YDP office. The 45-minute meeting took place in a friendly atmosphere and concluded by signing a Book of Visitors and exchange of souvenirs between the two parties.