Lake Gardens of Taiping has always been attracting vast amount of tourists, it is a major tourism hotspot in town. A netizen Wen Yeh Ng had made a model of Lake Gardens of Taiping out of Lego bricks back in 2017. The model recreates the scenery of the area around the “China Bridge”, or “Pagoda Cina”.

The model has a lot of details in it, the swan boat on the lake surface, bikes on the road, jogging track, and even little monkeys looking for bananas. The model also included few elderly people, which also highlighted the plan of the Taiping Municipal Council to turn the town into a senior citizen-friendly town.

Swan Boat
The famous raintree arches
Uncle and aunty are relaxing
Little monkeys looking for bananas *reminder: do not feed, they attack
Who’s painting?
Every newly wed will have a photo shooting in the Lake Gardens
That must be the worker of MPT

Wen Yeh Ng took a total of 27 photos for his model, which you should definitely check out on his Flickr album.

Maker: Wen Yeh Ng
Works: Taiping Lake Gardens

Besides the amazing Lego model of Taiping Lake Gardens, there is also a mini version of it.