Istimewah Coffee Factory was founded in 1959. For 60 years, it has been insisting on the use of high-quality coffee beans, coupled with the pursuit of high-quality real ingredients to produce coffee products, preserving the ancient taste and taste of Nanyang coffee.

Nanyang Coffee is a unique coffee culture of Southeast Asia. Unlike Western-style coffee that places great emphasis on the origin of coffee beans, Nanyang Coffee focuses on the ratio of roasted beans and blended secret recipes to produce fine coffeeenjoyment.

Istimewah Coffee Factory is open to visitors. Visitors can observe the Nanyang’s traditional fried coffee process, tasting the Nanyang traditional coffee, Istimewah’s original “golden coffee”, buy local products and so on.

Lot 3741, Lorong Kilang 10 Tapak Perusahaan Ringan Tupai 34000 Taiping, Perak Business Hours : 9am-6pm

Tel : 016-4112728/016-5079496 黄世鸿 Steve Ng